Friday, February 27, 2009

Buttons Glued to a Black Box

Textile course.

Knitted Plastic Pompons

Knitted Sleeve

made of plastic wires.

Woven Material

made of acrylic strings and plastic wires.

Scroll of Fabric

Cover of Booklet

My version of booklet cover of different comics works that my class did at Illustration course last year. Each comics was based on different Israely songs.

Magazine "Pick-Up"

The final magazine that promotes vodka "Smirnoff".
All the pages you see are double-spreads.
This one is the magazine cover.

Collage - Sketch

First sketch of magazine wich supposed to promote a product.
That time I chose facial cream against wrinkles.
I used my father's statues heads, you can see them previously on my blog.

My Father's Statues

few of his large collection. he makes it from different kinds of wood.


Inspired by the song of David Halfon "God Gave You a Present".

Old Book Photos